Belize Botanic Gardens Panama Flame in bloom
'Panama flame'
Belize Botanic Gardens Bee-Hive Ginger
Ginger 'Beehive'

Welcome to Belize Botanic Gardens

Our Mission …
‘to protect the floral biodiversity of Belize by existing as an information resource for the community, government, business and science’.

At Belize Botanic Gardens, plants are what we’re all about and its our job to inspire you to appreciate our leafy friends.

Within the Gardens’ 45 acres are several miles of trails and pathways open for visitors to explore. 

Learn how the Maya made use of the healing properties of medicinal plants found along the medicine trail; meander through a tropical fruit orchard as you make you way towards the orchid house to view a collection of native plants and orchids.

You can hike the rainforest trail and see mahogany, the water vine, vanilla, allspice and the “Bullet Tree”, a hard-wood fashioned into shields by the Maya to defend against Spanish bullets.

Featuring nearly 100 unique palms species from Belize and around the world, the palm area has its own exhibit displaying some of the palms many uses. Nearby cycad circle showcases an ancient and endangered plant species, while zingiber alley hosts a colorful array of gingers and heliconias, just waiting to be admired.

Visitors Welcome 8am – 4pm (
every day)

We invite you to join us for a Guided Tour and/or wander about and explore the Gardens on your own.

Arrive early and make a day of it. You won’t be disappointed!

Visit the Gardens

Visit The Gardens

Information for Visitors: Admission & tour prices; food services; garden attractions & areas of interest; driving directions, taxi & shuttle options; garden etiquette ...

Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Immerse yourself in mother natures classroom. BBG presents a unique learning opportunity for students. Use our courses or we can assist your own faculty-led group ...

Stay With Us

Stay With Us

Stay at BBG’s affordable guest house for students & groups, conveniently located within the Garden or rent a private cottage, just 100 m from the Garden entrance ...

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