Belize Botanic Gardens Belize Botanic Gardens -

Learn about the Plants of the Maya

Walk the garden trails and visit our traditional Maya house to see plants used by the ancient Maya for ritual, medicine and daily life.

Native Orchid House

See our Native Orchid House, home to hundreds of orchids, all native to Belize.

Explore the Macal River Valley

Come visit for the day and enjoy the Gardens and the beautiful Macal River Valley. Have lunch at the Gardens, tube down the river, swim at our sandy river beach and see our vibrant population of birds and other wildlife.

Relax and Wander

Walk through the Garden at your own pace or with a guide and enjoy the exotic flowers and stunning views around every corner.

What's for me at a botanic garden? A botanic garden is a place of beauty and interest. Come to Belize Botanic Gardens alone or with a friend, family or classmates to learn, conduct research, hike trails or just enjoy the scenery with a picnic. Our lives are linked to plants in so many ways, you'll be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable a trip to the gardens can be.