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Welcome to Belize Botanic Gardens

Belize Botanic Gardens is a must-see on any trip to Belize.  Within these 45 acres are several miles of trails to explore. Along the rainforest trail you’ll find mahogany, vanilla, all-spice …. and the Bullet-Tree. Inside the orchid  house view a collection of native orchids and other native plants to Belize. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the traditional uses of medicinal plants that can be found along the medicine trail.

Featuring palms from all over the world, the palm area has its own exhibit displaying some of the many uses of these important trees, while cycad circle showcases a collection of some of the world’s oldest plants. 

Climb the fire tower that overlooks the garden and surrounding area, visit a traditional Maya house made from sustainably-harvested materials gathered from the garden …. and there is so much more to see and do. So come early and plan to spend the day!

Visitors are welcome every day from 8 am – 4 pm. 
We invite you to join us for a guided tour or just wander the garden on your own.

Our Mission
“to protect the floral biodiversity of Belize by existing as an information resource for the community, government, business and science”.

Belizean Orchid

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At BBG, plants are what we are all about. Oh, but we're so much more! Our job is to inspire you to appreciate plants in a beautiful setting and to protect ...

Ethnobotany Course at BBG

Learning Opportunities

Learning at Belize Botanic Gardens provides a unique educational experience in Nature's Classroom. Use our courses or let us assist your own faculty-led group ...

The Little Yellow House

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Stay in one of our private cottages or bring a group and stay in our affordable 8-room, 4-bath guest house.  Take advantage of one of our unique ...

Garden Highlights

This multi-function building is where day and overnight groups have meals, give presentations, watch movies, play games, such as vollyball and ping pong, use the Besst Library or … Read More

See our collection of over 100 species of  Belizean orchids.  Since this collection is more about conservation then knocking your socks off, you will have to take the time appreciating our small native orchids and seeing only a few in bloom at a time.  Let our expert guides help you discover the beauty and importance of these plants and other native species…. Read More

In the palm area and throughout the gardens you will find palms from all over the world including a collection of natives.  

In the Palm display house -built mainly from different palms harvested sustainably from Belize Botanic Gardens, there are examples of some of many uses of one of the world’s most useful trees







Our Palm Area displays nearly 100 species of native and exotic palms. Our new palm display, constructed from materials growing in the gardens exhibits some of the many uses of palms … Read More

A shaded winding path takes you through Zingiber Alley, where the many varieties of gingers and heliconias provide a dramatic splash of  color. These showy plants are typical symbols of the tropics … Read More

Discover plants used by the ancient Maya for ritual, medicine and daily living. Find out about Belize’s useful and medicinal native plants, many of which are still used today by people of Belize on our ‘Medicine trail”. You’ll see what plants were used for clothing, storage, tools, building, ritual and medicine … Read More

.Walk the Rainforest Trail and get to know some of Belize’s native plants that commonly grow in the rainforest.  If you’re lucky you’ll see the beautiful vanilla orchid in bloom .. Read More

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