Attractions at BBG

Belize Botanic Gardens features many attractions.  Wander through at your leisure with your self-guide booklet or spend an hour with one of our knowledgeable guides on a tour of your choice.  Attractions at BBG include an extensive medicinal trail, rainforest and savannah trails and more.  Climb the tower and look down at the forest; visit a traditional Maya House; pick up a bird list from the office and see what birds you can spot. After you have seen the gardens have lunch at duPlooy’s deck (adjacent to the gardens) and save some time for frolicking around in the Macal River.  (If you are staying at duPlooy’s, you have unlimited access to the gardens)

Whether you see the Gardens on your own or with one of our knowledgeable guides, here are a few of the attractions we hope you won’t miss.

The Native Orchid House

See our collection of over 100 species of native Belizean orchids.  Since this collection is more about conservation then knocking your socks off, you will have to take the time appreciating our small native orchids and seeing only a few in bloom at a time.  Let our expert guides help you discover the beauty and importance of these natives.

Palms of Belize


Thanks to the International Palm Society for sponsoring our palm education exhibit, you can enjoy a display of native palms and their products at the garden. Students enjoy field trip visits and are excited and overwhelmed to learn how we use palms everyday. Children get a chance to do activities like learning how to make a thatched roof, a home made broom which can be made with just a pole, string and the dried leaves of the Give and Take Palm.  (Teachers! Contact us to arrange a field trip or find out more.) Three more species will complete our native Palm collection so we’re almost there.

Zingiber Alley

Zingiber Alley is a display of gingers, heliconias, strelitzias (bird-of-paradise) and aroids. These showy plants are typical symbols of the tropics. Their vibrant colours create the perfect photo spot under this shady walk way.