We encourage you to visit the Gardens regularly since BBG changes every day! There is always something special to see or hear; from a new bloom to new projects completed at the gardens. Every time you visit you will experience more depending on the time of day you visit, the trail you take or whether you happen to be looking closely at a plant or other interest. Camouflage lizards are amazing!

The Garden displays thousands of plants which come in and out of bloom and is home to hundreds of bird species and an assortment of critters that you might not have seen or heard of.

Whether you see the Gardens on your own or with one of our knowledgeable guides, here are a few of the highlights we hope you won’t miss.

The Native Orchid House

See our collection of over 100 species of native Belizean orchids.  Read more about the Native Orchid House or browse through our orchid photos.

Plants of the Maya

 Discover plants used by the ancient Maya for ritual, medicine and daily living. For more information see our Plants of the Maya page.



Check out the vista from our hill top lookout. You get a bird’s eye view of the gardens and the magnificent Maya Mountains, emerging from the forest, from the top of our 25ft. fire-tower. This fire-tower was graciously donated by Amin Bedran of Pine Lumber Company and it  is a part of our Mountain Pine Ridge habitat. It is a replica of the towers used for fire management in the Mountain Pine Ridge reserve.


Our more recent habitat addition at BBG is the Savanna. The savanna is part of Darwin Initiative funded Savanna research and conservation project.  For more information on the Savanna project see the Darwin Savanna Ecosystem Assessment.

Hamilton Bird Hide


Spy on the least grebes, black bellied whistling ducks, and northern Jacanas from this hideaway on the banks of the wetland habitat while you’re enjoying the sound of nature. A crack! from a twig can startle you. It’s just an agouti seeking hidden seeds that were buried a long time. The Hamilton Bird Hide is dedicated to Nita and Clarke Hamilton who have conducted numerous birding tours annually to BBG. They have also helped to develop a  bird list of duPlooys/BBG and assisted in updating the list several times.


Palms of Belize Display

Thanks to the International Palm Society for sponsoring our palm education exhibit, you can enjoy a display of native palms and their products at the garden. Students enjoy field trip visits and are excited and overwhelmed to learn how we use palms everyday. Children get a chance to do activities like learning how to make a thatched roof, a home made broom which can be made with just a pole, string and the dried leaves of the Give and Take Palm.  (Teachers! Contact us to arrange a field trip or find out more.)

Zingiber Alley

Zingiber Alley is a display of gingers, heliconias, strelitzias (bird-of-paradise) and aroids. These showy plants are typical symbols of the tropics. Their vibrant colours create the perfect photo spot under this shady walk way.

Belize Botanic Gardens boasts a complete collection of Belize’s heliconia and ginger as well as over 50 different varieties from the world’s tropics.