Native Orchid House

About BBG Native Orchid House

The Native Orchid House is our most popular and important collection. Since 1997 we have been working with Brendan Sayers from the National Botanic Garden, Glasnevin of Ireland on Belizean orchid expeditions. Our work together has resulted in 20 new orchid records for Belize including 1 species new to science.

The new species, Pleurothallis duplooyii, named after Ken duPlooy, has a bloom about the size of a flea. It is a good reminder that not all orchids are showy corsage pieces. It’s nothing personal but we don’t have hybrids or foreigners in the Native Orchid House, so make sure to take a closer look.

For your information: Most of our collection of orchids are in bloom during the month of April and May. If you are visiting any other time you might be able to see one or two other species in bloom but the Black Orchid, Belize’s National Flower, is in bloom everyday.


Keeping Orchids Wild

Brassavola Cucullata


Belize is a member of CITES an international agreement to protect plant and animal species in danger of extinction through international trade. Orchids are protected under CITES and that makes it illegal to remove orchids from the country of Belize without a permit.

Do your part for orchid conservation and do not collect orchids (or other plants or animals) unless you have a valid reason and have obtained the proper permits. If you purchase an orchid make sure it comes from a cultivated collection and was not taken from the wild. BBG does not participate in selling native orchids. Our collection is mainly for educational and research purpose.


 One Scoop of Orchids, Please

Did you know that vanilla, the same ingredient in your ice-cream, comes from an orchid? Well, it does. And not just any orchid but a native Belizean orchid. Ask your guide to show you the vanilla orchid in our Native Orchid House at BBG.maxillaria tenufolia orchid

Orchids are known for their amazing variety, colors, shapes and sizes. There are about 300 different ones in Belize. In the Native Orchid House you can see many weird and wonderful forms of local orchids, from show offs (like this), to more delicate beauties (like this). See more photos of orchid flowers that could be in bloom when you visit the Native Orchid House.