Horticulture Classes for Everyone

Are you interested in a career as a gardener or is your garden just looking sad? Come hone your gardening skills with BBG’s experienced gardeners and instructors. Sign up now for BBG’s Horticulture classes. Classes are designed for the worker bee with and are offered individually or as a package. Most classes are offered in the daytime as well as night. Transportation and most materials included. Come in to our BBG Garden Store on 37 West Street, San Ignacio, Cayo; call us at our BBG office Tel: 824-3101 or email to register today.

Classes start Jan. 31st and are offered individually or as a package.Check out our Class Calendar for more detail

Primary School  

It is wonderful to learn outdoors where you can smell, see, taste and touch plants and hear the stories about them. Children come for the day, from San Ignacio and beyond, for curriculum related field trips.

Preschool to Standard 6 classes can choose from Plant AppreciationWhat Plants Can Do!World Wild Webbing and People Plants.

Secondary School

Teens make the toughest customers but we are confident we can design a tour for your First to Fourth Form class that will leave your students better educated and enthralled with the topics covered. One can choose from advanced level field trip topics or the teachers can talk to us about a custom trip designed for their classroom topic.

Higher Learning and Foreign Students

We offer an ideal learning spot for students of a variety of sciences and skills. Vocational students pursuing a career in agriculture can come for a lesson on airlayering and tropical fruit tree variety. Ecology students can dissect a trumpet tree to see how ants live in harmony with our local flora. Botany students can make herbarium pressings.

Local institutions of higher learning can utilize the garden for research and participate in existing programs. BBG also offers low cost field study opportunities for local or foreign students of natural sciences to make use of the collection and facilities. We can offer packages with accommodation, labs and classrooms.

For more information on staying with us for your Field Study program contact us for a quote on custom study trips.

The Best Library

Come and educate yourself at The Best Library at BBG. While we don’t allow books to leave the property, there are lots of beautiful spots to curl up at BBG with a book from The Best Library. If you live in Belize and want to know about growing palms, raising passionflowers, the orchids of Belize, organic horticulture, tropical fruit, permaculture, gardening in the tropics or need to identify that tree in your backyard then you might be able to find the information you want here. Click here for our library inventory.


You can visit our library from Monday – Sunday, 7am to 4pm. For weekend visits, please contact us so that we can make necessary arrangements.

Why is it The Best Library?

Our library is named after David Best, a Florida nurseryman and plant enthusiast, who was kind enough to donate hundreds of fabulous books to the Belize Botanic Gardens. The collection covers just about everything you would care to know about tropical plants and their identification, cultivation and anything else you could think of. This donation was one of the most useful resources we have ever received and we continue to add to it as we are able.