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Horticulture Practices

100% Organic since 1987

Horticulture is the art or practice of gardening and cultivating plants and trees. At the heart of Belize Botanic Gardens is our living plant collections.

The Gardens were started by Ken duPlooy and the plant collections represent a diverse set of tropical fruits, orchids, palms, cycads, flowering trees, native plants and some horticultural oddities.

Sometimes we grow plants strictly for their aesthetic qualities while other efforts represent our desire to help conserve the world’s floral diversity. Today we continue to hold invaluable collections of native and exotic plants.

Fruit Trees

Belize Botanic Gardens is a “Fruitopia,” with fruit trees growing nearly everywhere throughout the Gardens’ 45 acres. We are recognized for having the largest collections of tropical fruits in Belize and the Orchard has the largest concentration of fruit trees in the Gardens.


The Botanic Gardens’ orchid collection contains over 100 species of Belizean orchids. Take the time to appreciate Belize’s small, delicate and very beautiful orchids by visiting the Belize Native Plant & Orchid house.


Belize is home to approximately forty native palm species. One, Schippia concolor, is endemic to Belize, meaning that it can only be found occurring naturally in Belize. Our palm collection contains nearly all the palms of Belize, as well as many exotic species.


With help from Montgomery Botanical Center, Belize Botanic Gardens has become a center for the conservation of native cycads. Visit Cycad Circle to see these ancient plants on display.

Horticulture Services

Some of the Horticulture Services we offer

  • Plant Production & Sales
  • Landscape Design, Construction & Management
  • Plant Inspection – Organic Pest Management
  • Research – To improve yields & quality
  • Marketing – Horticultural products
  • Teaching – Training others
  • Industry Support – Consultant, technical services

Job Training

Belize Botanic Gardens periodically offers a 6-week Professional Gardeners Program, teaching job-skills in horticulture related work. The job market for qualified, trained landscaping & garden personnel is expanding as the tourism industry grows. As a result, job placements are available for students who do well in this course.

Garden Shop

Visit the Garden Shop in San Ignacio for plants, fruit trees, soil mixes, coconut-fiber mulches, organic fertilizers & pesticides.

To have your in-country questions answered
call: 671-3322 or 651-3321

To learn more about BBG’s Horticulture Programs & Services
email: judy[at]belizebotanic.org

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