Medicine Trail
Story telling along the Medicine trail
Story telling along the Medicine trail

Maya Medicine Trail

One-stop Shopping in the Rain-forest

The Maya, like all ancient societies had their needs met from the abundance of nature. Living in a species-rich tropical environment, the forests supplied the Maya with all that was necessary for life – From food and clothing to construction materials, game and medicines.

Much of the traditional knowledge based on the healing properties of tropical plants has been or is in danger of being lost, as well as the plants themselves.

Fortunately there has been renewed interest in natural remedies and much work is being done in learning more about their medicinal, therapeutic, and health-restoring properties.

Along the Medicine trail

You’ll have the opportunity to see and learn about vines that store drinking water, plants that help lower blood pressure (cecropia), lower blood sugar (chaya), cure rashes and sunburn (gumbo limbo) relieve aches and pains (pheasant tail) plus many more natural remedies for today’s most common ailments.

Listen to your guide as they tell stories about how these useful plants have played an important role in the well being of their friends and family.

My favorite Medicine Trail story

A young boy went to stay with his grandfather, a medicine man who lived in the forest. After several months of learning the uses of many plants, the grandfather sent the boy to find a plant that had no use. The boy came back empty handed, thinking that he had failed in his mission. His grandfather said that, no, the boy had learned well – and that every plant has a use. 

The Medicine trail ends (or begins) at the traditional Maya house
Nearby – the Orchard

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