From BBG's Native Orchid Collection
Pleurothallis duplooyii

Native Plant & Orchid House

The Native Plants & Orchid House contains over 100 species of  Belizean orchids. Since this collection is more about conservation then knocking your socks off with prom-size corsages, we hope you will take time to appreciate Belize’s small, delicate and very beautiful orchids.

Most of our collection of orchids bloom during the months of April and May. Fortunately for us, the Black Orchid, Belize’s national flower, is in bloom everyday …

The duPLooy Orchid Story …

Ken duPlooy had been collecting orchids from the time we came to Belize in 1988. In 1993 Brendan Sayers came from Ireland to collect orchids for the National Botanic Garden at Glasnevin, Dublin.

Brendan noted that, Ken’s collection was recorded and collected legally and at the time there wasn’t a botanic garden in Belize. He suggested that we become one and make it official. And so Belize Botanic Gardens was registered with the Government of Belize in 1993 as a non-profit organization.

This began a long and close relationship with Ireland and our collecting expeditions with them resulted in finding 20 orchid species that had not formerly been recorded in Belize, along with 1 un-described species, Pleurothallis duplooyii, which was named after Ken duPlooy.

This particular orchid has a bloom about the size of a “flea”. Its a good reminder that not all orchids are showy corsage pieces.

Belize is a member of CITES an international agreement to protect plant and animal species in danger of extinction through international trade. BBG does not participate in selling native orchids. Our collection are for educational and research purposes only.

Exiting the Orchid House

Turn left – walk up the steps to the Visitors’ Center
Straight ahead to Zingibre Alley
Turn right – walk down to the Orchard or the Medicine trail
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