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Native & Exotic Palms

Within the Garden there are nearly 100 species of native and exotic palms, with the majority of these palms on display in the Palm area. Belize is home to approximately forty native palm species and for us this means three more species will complete our native Palm collection. So we’re almost there!

One such palm, Schippia concolor is endemic to Belize, meaning that they can only be found occurring naturally in Belize.

Palm Notes

Included in BBG’s palm collection are two Cuban palm species which are threatened with extinction.

By maintaining and conserving these palms here at Belize Botanic Gardens, and other gardens, we are able to offer ‘insurance’ that these species can continue if anything happened that would cause them to become extinct in their native habitat, such as natural disasters or man-made factors. That being the case, we would be able to send seeds or seedlings to replant.

Palm Education Exhibit

The palm exhibit was constructed from sustain-ably harvested plant & tree material growing in the Gardens; On display are some of the palms many uses.

Students enjoy their field trip visits and are eager to learn about the uses of palms and to have the opportunity to participate in activities, such as learning how to construct a traditional thatched roof using the Bay leaf palm … or how to make a simple home-made broom, which can be made with just a wooden stick, string and the dried leaves of the “Give & Take” palm.

A special thank you
to the International Palm Society, who are sponsoring the Palm Education Exhibit.

Located next to the Palm areaCycad circle & Zingiber alley
Nearby – the entrance to the Rainforest trail

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