Birds & Wildlife

Kill Billed Toucan
National Bird of Belize

Belize is well-known for its many natural attractions that it has to offer. One of these attractions is bird watching. To date, Belize is home to approximately 580 to 584 species of birds. Of these, about 21% are migrant species (including accidentals) and the rest are either considered resident, or seasonal resident birds. Each year however, these figures keep increasing as new species are being recorded.

The 309 species presented in this checklist are birds which have been recorded at or within a 5-mile radius of duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge and Belize Botanic Gardens (BBG) since 1988. Our list also keeps increasing as more new species are sighted and shared by bird enthusiasts and we always welcome such information.

The original version of this list was compiled by Ken duPlooy with the help of Steve N.G. Howell (co-author with Sophie Webb of A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America, 1995). Additional sightings have been documented by Philip Mai, the official birding nut and resident guide at duPlooys. Many thanks are due to Nita and Clark Hamilton who have kept this list taxonomically up to date.

In September 2012, Mr Mario Teul, BBG Administrator & professional birder revised the list and it was used to conduct our first Plant and Bird Identification Training Course offered at BBG. This training course is part of a European Union Funded Project Under the Belize Rural Development Project II administered by Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and its partners duPlooys Jungle Lodge.

So go ahead and begin enjoying the many feathered friends we have,whether you are taking a tour of the gardens or hanging out on the deck, or driving out to go on a tour, be sure to have your book ready with you. Click here for our Bird list.