This is the stuff that make Belize Botanic Gardens more than just a pretty place.

In addition to our ongoing efforts in education and living plant collections the Garden is also heavily involved in local and international projects. In general our projects are focused on the conservation of plants native to Belize and community engagement and awareness.

We work with several institution from around the world including to accomplish these tasks. The organizations include Montgomery Botanical Center, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Natural History Museum, International Palm Society to name just a few.

Read below for just a few examples of what we do.

Sustainable Agriculture

Call us crazy, but at Belize Botanic Gardens we enjoy figuring out how to grow things without the use of pesticides or chemicals. It is more than just a past time we maintain our garden organically. We also devote a lot of our time to finding ways to grow plants in a way that farmers and nature benefit. This has been a major part of the work at BBG from the garden’s beginnings.

We experiment with palms, fruits and hardwoods. Our largest project, funded by the Darwin Initiative, deals with palms called xate (shah-tay), little palms causing a big hullabaloo in Belize.

Belize Botanic Gardens is a proud member of the Belize Organic Producers Associaton (BOPA). BOPA is dedicated to creating and maintaining national legislation and certification for Belize, promoting organic agriculture and organic products and disseminating information to organic farmers. If you would like to join BOPA download the membership for here. Make out a check to BOPA $5 for individuals; $100 for organizations. Mail to:Nerie T. Sanz, Managing Director, BAHA, PO Box 169, Belmopan City, Cayo, Belize.


Bauble is a software application for managing collections of living plants. It was created as a free alternative to existing software to help reduces the barrier for new and low resource gardens to manager their plant collections. The Bauble website has more details.