Explore the Rainforest

Looking less and less likely … because, as you probably already know, its disappearing at an ever increasing rate. Your next best option just might be a short hike on the Rainforest trail, where you’ll be able to see some of the same plants that grow in a true rain forest.

If you’re fortunate enough, there will be an opportunity to view the beautiful vanilla orchid in bloom. Look for signs pointing to mahogany, the water-vine, all-spice, gumbo-limbo, the bullet tree and others …

Rain forests
help moderate global temperatures by absorbing CO2 emissions, crucial for the well being and survival of Earth’s life-forms. The threat of mankind destroying the remaining tropical rain forests, in the not-to-distant future, is a grave problem that should concern us all.

Did you know?…Twenty-five percent of all prescription medications are made using some type of compound from living organisms found in the rain forest. 

The Rainforest trail ends at the Fire Tower
The Palm-area is nearby
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