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Rainforest Trail

Explore the Rainforest!

The opportunities for exploring are diminishing as fast as the Rainforest itself. Tropical Rainforests, along with their endemic species, are rapidly disappearing due to deforestation from logging, mining, agriculture and ranching.

Consequently, more than 17 % of the Amazonian rainforest has been lost in the past 50 years.

Your next, best option could be a walk along the Rainforest Trail, where you’ll be able to see some of the same plants that grow in a tropical rainforest environment.

If you’re fortunate, there will be an opportunity to view the beautiful vanilla orchid in bloom. Look for signs pointing out mahogany, the water-vine, all-spice, gumbo-limbo, the bullet tree and others …

Rainforest Notes

To be classified a tropical rainforest, an area must receive at least 100 inches (250 cm) of rainfall per year. Compare that amount with the Cayo District in Belize, where we receive on average 60-70 inches of rainfall annually.

The Rainforest trail ends at the Fire Tower
Nearby – the Palm areaMaya house 

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