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Visiting Primary-School Students
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Learning Opportunities

From colleges & universities students visiting from abroad to primary students living in Belize, the Belize Botanic Gardens offers learning opportunities for students of all ages …

Study Abroad in Belize

For International Students

We offer an ideal location and environment for learning a variety of sciences and skills. In addition, we can assist faculty-led study groups by using all or parts of our own course studies in the areas of ethnobotany, horticulture and medicinal plant research.

The Gardens multi-use visitors’ center is the hub for student-group activity and serves as indoor classroom, workshop, meal preparation area and after-hours recreation center.

Best of all, students and group leaders can now stay overnight within the Botanic Gardens at the gardens own guest house.

Comprised of two separate, individual houses the Guest House provides affordable accommodations for up to 16 people. There are also two nearby private (1-2 person) cottages for staff and faculty considerations.

Adjacent to and accessible from the Botanic Gardens, a 62-acre private reserve is available to student groups for their short and long-term Study Abroad in Belize related research projects.

* Of course all our classes, courses & workshops can be adapted to fit your own Study Abroad in Belize program requirements.


For All Education Levels

We welcome Belizean students from all levels of education to visit the Gardens for an informative guided tour or to take part in one of our workshop or study programs.

Students from universities and vocational schools are able to utilize the Garden for study and research, as well as participate in existing ethnobotany, horticulture and agriculture programs.

The Garden also offers low cost field-study opportunities for Belizean studying natural sciences, including access to our native plant collections and botanical library.

Horticulture Courses

Belize Botanic Gardens periodically offers a 6-week Professional Gardeners Program, teaching job skills in horticulture related work. The job market for qualified, trained landscaping & garden personnel is expanding as the tourism industry grows. As a result, job placements are available for students who do well in this course.

High School Students

Teens make the toughest customers, however we’re confident we can design an itinerary that your students will thoroughly enjoy. Classes from First to Fourth Form will benefit from getting up-close and personal with nature.

It’s always fun to gather plants to prepare and cook up on the Gardens’ wood burning fogón. Students are often surprised to discover how many good tasting plants there are and never would have guessed were edible.

Additionally, students can walk the medicine trail and learn more about the healing properties of medicinal plants used in this area for generations … and that’s just for starters.

Primary School Students

Its a wonderful feeling to see, smell, touch and taste plants and to learn more about them by listening to engaging stories, as told by BBG’s knowledgeable Garden Guides.

Primary students from San Ignacio and beyond are encouraged to spend the day enjoying the grounds. Picnics are welcome or we can provide lunch. And don’t forget to have students bring their own small container so they can learn how to pot a plant from the nursery to take home.

We’ve hosted children from Corozol, Stann Creek, San Pedro and everywhere in between for more than 20 years.

We invite teachers to bring your students, along with their parents for a memorable day at the Gardens!

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff would be pleased to assist in planning your next curriculum-based field trip to the Gardens.

To reserve or have your in-country questions answered
call: 671-3322 or 651-3321

For information on group field-trips or field-study programs 
send a message or email judy[at]

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