Belize Botanic Gardens is a not-for-profit organization and most of our revenue is generated through the visitation of the local community and international visitors, plant sales and with the financial assistance from duPlooys Jungle Lodge. We have also been fortunate to received many generous donations from organisations and individuals to promote education and conservation of our botanic cultural heritage.


At the Gardens, we manage to accomplish a lot of good work with very little finance. This is because we manage our finance creatively and sustainably to make it go the farther and accomplish the most good with very little overhead. A contribution from you can help us do even more.

Your donation can help fund a youth education program, assist in the maintenance of the gardens, strengthen our development of our conservation and plant collections, produce educational materials for school visits, assist in becoming an institution for gardeners and to generally making the gardens a better place.

If you would like to help us conserve and preserve our botanic cultural heritage and extend our environmental education service to the local community and educational institutions, please consider making a donation via PayPal. or mail a check to Belize Botanic Gardens, PO Box 180, San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize. No amount is too small. Your contribution goes along way.


We have an Amazon wish list we need for the gardens. If you would like provide us with books for our library check our Wish list.  


 If you have garden equipment in good working condition that you want to get rid of, think about donating it to us instead. Large equipment, garden tools is one of our biggest needs. If you have  something else that you know can assist us, just give us a call. Your donation can make a difference in the daily operation of the gardens.

Come work with us 

Volunteers have played a vital role in making Belize Botanic Gardens such a unique and wonderful place to visit. We are recognized for our Eco friendly atmosphere and approach to our visitors.  We value and deeply appreciate our volunteers and consider them among our important ambassadors because whether on site or wherever they go in the world, they contribute to developing and promoting our reputation.

Becoming a volunteer at Belize Botanic Gardens is a great way to visit Belize, help out our project and get to know our wonderful staff and the surrounding local communities.Volunteers carry out a wide range of activities and tasks,  from weeding to  assisting us with local school visits and organizing exhibitions. The vast majority of our volunteers usually dedicate two weeks up to a month. 

If you are interested in volunteering time with us, please contact us and we would really appreciate your contribution.