Getting around the gardens.


Entrance Only 

If you would just like to stroll around the gardens and don’t really want to hear a lot of information, then this is the choice for you. Not to mention quite a deal! Your entrance fee includes a free self-guided tour booklet. Follow the trail map provided in the booklet  and discover on at your own convenience. The booklet has information on 47 of the many fascinating plants in the gardens which you will see on your walk in the gardens. Spend an hour or spend the day.

Guided Tours 

This is the best way to see the gardens. You get to walk around with our experienced professional guide who will take you on scenic routes and trails around the gardens where all the great plants are plus you can pepper them with questions. General tours take about 1 to 1.5 hours and are available 7am to 3pm. Check with our front desk staff to arrange departures times, difficulty or terrain of the gardens. When you are finished with the guided tour you are still welcome to wander around the garden on your own.

 If you have a special interest such as birdsmedicinal plants  or orchids, call ahead to book a guide or to arrange night walks or early birding tours. Contact us for great group rates.

Students and Groups

Contact us for our special group rates. Ask about our special activities. We can also set up great educational itineraries for your entire stay in Belize. 

Are you 12 or under?

Well, then you can see the Belize Botanic Gardens absolutely FREE (with paying parents). Plus you get a kids activity called the Plant Puzzle Trail where you answer questions by following a trail map.

But wait! There’s more! If your parents are doing a guided tour you get to do a fun plant activity absolutely Free. Tell your folks to call ahead, so that we can set it up for you.

Land of the Free, Garden of the Discounted

To attract more local visitors Belize Botanic Gardens offers discount to Belizean citizens on all of the above rates. Every Sunday is absolutely Free. Check the local newspapers or call to inquire for special events happening on holidays. It’s a great place for the whole family.

Access for All

We are sorry to say that people of every ability may not be able to access all our trails and displays. (Our small budget is not as accommodating as we are) BUT we will certainly do our best to make sure that every visitor enjoys the gardens. So, if you have special needs, let us know. After all there is more than one way to see a garden.