Coffee in bloom
Flower - elephant-foot yam

Zingiber Alley

With plenty of overhead shading, this picturesque, winding path-way leads visitors through Zingiber alley where the featured plants, gingers and heliconias, provide a dramatic splash of color. These showy plants are typical symbols of the tropics and make an ideal backdrop for photos.

Birds of paradise, often mistaken for being a member of heliconia family, can also be found here. However, they are not related and have their own separate plant classification.

If you are entering from the Orchid house side, you’ll first encounter a grouping of shade loving coffee trees.

Further along, look for  a cluster of Xate (pronounced “shaw-te”), valued for their use as the green leafy base in floral arrangements.

Prominently on display are the giant leaves of the Amorphophallus paeifolius, aka the elephant-foot yam. If you happen to be visiting when they are in bloom, you’ll have an opportunity to witness one of the plant-world’s most unusual flowers.

The path-way originating from the Orchid house; and passing through Zingibre alley, continues on to the Palm-area & Cycad circle  


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